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Better Ways to Learn

Susan McCahan is leading the charge to reimagine undergrad education at U of T

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A Commitment to Innovation

There is no limit to giving back – it’s boundless


Applies to someone who is not transgender, and is often used to signal awareness of gender politics


Exploring a new country linked video bloggers Simon and Martina Stawski to each other… and to the world


Bringing Leading Minds Together

Collaborations with other top global schools are good for U of T’s students and faculty – and for Canada

Meet U of T’s First Muslim Chaplain

Amjad Tarsin helps students with the spiritual dimension of their lives

Helping Students Boost Academic Skills

Donor Robert Gillespie knew from experience how tough it can be to study without help

Remembering Joseph Rotman

Joseph Rotman, a leading Canadian businessman, philanthropist and one of U of T’s greatest champions, has passed away at age 80

UC’s Fireball Lit This Match

Travels together and adventures apart have created the perfect balance for Farrah Schwartz and Rob Manne

Perfecting the Knuckleball

A team of U of T engineering students has designed a machine that can throw baseball’s most difficult pitch

Lislehurst bridge at U of T Mississauga by Adrian Berg(aoberg) on Flickr

The 10 Best Places at U of T to Steal a Kiss with Your Sweetheart

Woo your Valentine with a romantic vista or a secluded paradise… all without leaving campus!

A Boon for Heart Health

Largest private donation in Canadian health-care history will improve cardiac care across the lifespan

The Power of Three

The Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research brings together three of Canada’s leading centres for cardiac care and research

Flying High!

Students, staff and faculty take sneak peak at the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport


Agriculture scientists have become interested in this potential environmental champion

Alumnus Elevates Entrepreneurship with $1-million Donation

Philanthropy key to supporting student inventors

The Two of Us – School Story

For Brock Laschowski and Katherine Cornacchia, a proposal on Front Campus capped a very U of T romance

Students Celebrate the Armistice on November 11, 1918

A diary entry from U of T’s women students on the day the First World War ended

Photo by Liam Sharp

Incredible Impact

U of T’s ambitions to address a range of global needs and issues come to fruition – thanks to four generous gifts

2014 Photo Contest Winners

Once again, there were hundreds of superb entries from around the world and very few easy decisions

A Tuna Loonie in the Food Bank

U of T engineers and architects won the award for structural ingenuity at Toronto’s annual Canstruction competition

Fair and Impartial

After more than 50 years at the University of Toronto, Joan E. Foley is well positioned to see the big picture – which is exactly what you want in an Ombudsperson

The Two of Us

For Donald and Hana Nute, home straddles two different worlds.

Preventing a Mass Poisoning

Alumna Shahreen Reza hopes to roll out her coconut-husk pump filter across Bangladesh

OISE’s New Direction

Education faculty to more than double the size of its graduate programs in teacher education, eliminate BEd by 2015

Poll: Do You Unplug from the Net When You Go on Vacation?

A large minority of members of the U of T community report they have difficulty disconnecting — even when they’re taking time off from work

“Innis Was My Oasis”

Mark Weisdorf took no classes at Innis, but the college’s Town Hall became the heart of his U of T community

Honest Lying

Brain dysfunction can cause us to make false statements that we believe to be true

A Reunion to Remember

Ann Nguyen and Paul Hiscock, two engineers from different worlds, decide to put a ring on it

In Pictures: U of T’s Top 10 Beards and Moustaches

Beards are having a 2014 fashion moment! Still, U of T professors of the past could go chin-to-chin with even Toronto Blue Jay Adam Lind. Presenting: U of T’s Top 10 in facial hair.

In Pictures: Varsity Blues Men’s Swim Team Through the Years

The Varsity Blues men’s swimming crew are U of T’s most decorated sports team. They have taken 62 provincial titles since 1920 and are the current champ. Their history, in pictures.

In Pictures: the Amazing Collection of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

A slideshow of rare and intriguing items from the library’s digital treasure trove.

17 Things Every U of T Student Should Do Before They Graduate

Stroll Philosopher’s Walk, peer through a telescope, hear the Gospel Choir and much more!

In the Loop

Ronnie Yip transforms a water park into a surreal setting

Who Is @kirstinestewart?

Learn about Kirstine Stewart from her tweets

Letters from the Past

U of T acquires the personal letters of Major-General James Wolfe

Boundless Promise

A long family history at the university encouraged this couple to create a new scholarship

Our Man in Beijing

Cultures meet at Sid Smith Hall

Spreading Smiles

Johanna Schaeffer and Harold Isaacs brighten many lives through their volunteer work

Calm Before the Chaos

Yannick How Wong catches a glimpse of peaceful front campus before U of T’s annual chariot race

The Girl in the Flower Dress

Novy Warouw shares a stolen moment with a stranger


Sadia Awan takes us back to Frosh 2011

Online Learning through U of T

U of T has offered nine MOOCs since September 2012

Welcome, President Gertler

U of T must strengthen local and global partnerships and enrich undergrad education, Gertler says in speech

Pink Is for Hope

More than 17,000 supported CIBC’s Run for the Cure, held at U of T in October

A Great Cause

David Naylor talks about the past eight years and his plans for the future


Hart House’s choir members only use one instrument: their voices

Incentive for New Donors

Ottawa recently made charitable giving much more attractive for first-time donors

In Memoriam: Roxana Ng

Roxana Ng’s focus on human rights and social justice shaped the field of immigration studies

International Love Affair

For Francesca Valente, an Italian cultural mediator, and Branko Gorjup, a Croatian scholar of Canadian literature, shared passions have resulted in a truly international love affair

Bronte Harbour

Gabriel Tan-Chen’s unsuccessful search for star trails leads to an unexpected photo opportunity at sunrise

Umbrella Girls

Alexandre Combessie documents his adventures through travel photography

Rift in Darkness

Aya Dajani draws inspiration from ancient Japanese mythology

A Grateful Mindset

MindFest promotes mental health awareness through crafts

In Memoriam: Robert Madden

Robert Madden believed that teaching was the art of sharing knowledge

Perfect Harmony

For Brian Finley and Donna Bennett, it was a match made in music.

Global Citizen

Remi Kanji transforms her sense of global citizenship into action

Red Shoes

Susan Cromwell shares her perception of the world through photography


Ian Poon goes to great lengths to capture his perfect shot

Walking Alone

Adrian Berg spots colour in the winter landscape

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